New Surface Coatings For Food Facilities Hold Promise For Food Safety

CHICAGO–(Newswise)–One of the keys to preventing food-borne illness and food waste is making sure that the surfaces at production facilities remain free of contamination between scheduled cleanings. So researchers are investigating special new coatings that are more resistant to bacteria and other microbes than the food contact surfaces that are used now, according to a […]

Monkey Study Shows Zika Infection Prolonged In Pregnancy

(Newswise)–Madison, WI–University of Wisconsin–Madison researchers studying monkeys have shown that one infection with Zika virus protects against future infection, though pregnancy may drastically prolong the time the virus stays in the body. The researchers, led by UW–Madison pathology Professor David O’Connor, published a study today (June 28, 2016) in the journal Nature Communications describing their […]

Blocking Key Enzyme Halts Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms In Mice

(Newswise)–Researchers at Johns Hopkins say they have gleaned two important new clues in the fight against Parkinson’s disease: that blocking an enzyme called c-Abl prevents the disease in specially bred mice, and that a chemical tag on a second protein may signal the disorder’s presence and progression. Their work, described online June 27 in The […]

Study Of 81,000 Adults Examines Mental Illness, Gun Violence And Suicide

Durham, N.C.–(Newswise)–People with serious mental illnesses who use guns to commit suicide are often legally eligible to purchase guns, despite having a past record of an involuntary mental health examination and brief hospitalization, according to a new Duke Health analysis. The study, released in the June issue of Health Affairs, looked at gun use, violent […]

Study: News Stories Often Wrongly Link Violence With Mental Illness

(Newswise)–Nearly four in 10 news stories about mental illness analyzed by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health researchers connect mental illness with violent behavior toward others, even though less than five percent of violence in the United States is directly related to mental illness. The findings, published in the June issue of Health Affairs, […]

Study Suggests Kids With Food-Triggered Eczema Are At Risk For Developing Life-Threatening Food Allergy

(Newswise)–Elimination of the food that triggers atopic dermatitis, or eczema, is associated with increased risk of developing immediate reactions to that food, according to the results of a large-scale study recently published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. Immediate reactions to the culprit food range from hives to life-threatening anaphylaxis. “Our findings suggest […]

Do You Have Depression? 8 Warning Signs

SAN DIEGO–Everyone has ups and downs. Feeling sad or having “the blues” from time to time is normal. However, if those feelings won’t go away, they could be a sign you have depression. May is Mental Health Month and is observed in the United States as a way to raise awareness, educate communities and reduce […]

Palomar Health Collecting Used Hearing Aids

ESCONDIDO–During the month of May, Palomar Medical Center and Pomerado Hospital are collecting used hearing aids to they can be reconditioned and given to people around the world with hearing loss. It’s part of a program called “So the World May Hear,” and it marks Better Speech and Hearing Month. This program recycles donated hearing […]

San Diego VA Medical Center Hosts Research Symposium

SAN DIEGO–San Diego VA Medical Center will host a Research Symposium May 20 at the VA Medical Center multipurpose Room in La Jolla. The event is in association with National VA Research Week and will feature two presentations on local research advances. “We want the community to know about the contributions we are making toward improving Veterans’ […]

Chips or Cookies? Toddlers With Sweet Tooth More Likely To Experience Weight Gain

ANN ARBOR, Mich. –(Newswise)–Some say there’s always room for dessert – but those who follow that motto young may be more likely to gain unhealthy weight, a new study suggests. Toddlers who reached for cookies over chips when their bellies were full had a higher risk of body fat increases, University of Michigan researchers report […]