So Let Me School You On What It’s Like To Get Mental Health Care In The U.S.

By Ragna Cook I have bipolar disorder type NOS. Basically what this means is I do not cycle like a person with Type I or Type II does. Essentially my type of bipolar means I cycle through various levels of mania all the time. Depression, for me, is incredibly rare, though it does happen. What […]

Medication Effective in Helping Smokers Quit Gradually

(Newswise)–Among cigarette smokers not willing or able to quit smoking in the next month but willing to reduce with the goal of quitting in the next 3 months, use of the nicotine addiction medication varenicline for 24 weeks compared with placebo produced greater reductions in smoking prior to quitting and increased smoking cessation rates at […]

Autism Genes Activate During Fetal Brain Development

LA JOLLA–Scientists at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have found that mutations that cause autism in children are connected to a pathway that regulates brain development. The research, led by Lilia Iakoucheva, PhD, assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry, is published in the February 18 issue of Neuron. The researchers studied […]

E-Cigarette Exposure Impairs Immune Responses In Mouse Model

(Newswise)–In a study with mice, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health researchers have found that e-cigarettes compromise the immune system in the lungs and generate some of the same potentially dangerous chemicals found in traditional nicotine cigarettes. E-cigarettes are an emerging public health health concern, as they gain popularity among current and former smokers […]

Millennium Health Teams Up With Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation To Prevent Rx Abuse

SAN DIEGO–Millennium Health, a leading health solutions company, today announced the launch of the Drop Them Off campaign, in partnership with the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation and the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids’ Medicine Abuse Project. Designed to increase awareness of the problem of youth misuse and abuse of prescription medicine, the campaign intends to educate […]

Lyme Disease Costs Up To $1.3 Billion Per Year To Treat, Study Finds

(Newswise)–Lyme disease, transmitted by a bite from a tick infected by the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria, had long been considered easy to treat, usually requiring a single doctor’s visit and a few weeks of antibiotics for most people. But new research from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health suggests that a prolonged illness associated […]

Researchers Identify Key Mechanisms Underlying HIV-Associated Cognitive Disorders‏

LA JOLLA–While antiretroviral therapies have significantly improved and extended the lives of many HIV patients, another insidious and little discussed threat looms for aging sufferers – HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders (HAND). The disorders, which strike more often in HIV patients over age 50, can result in cognitive impairment, mild to severe, making everyday tasks a challenge. […]

Fresh Start Surgical Gifts to Kick Off 2015 Dental Clinics During National Children’s Dental Health Month‏

SAN DIEGO–Fresh Start Surgical Gifts, a  San Diego nonprofit, will kick off its 2015 Dental Clinics during National Children’s Dental Health Month in February to provide free-of-cost restorative and orthodontic dental procedures and preventative dental education to disadvantaged infants, children, and teens. Fresh Start treats uninsured, underinsured and low-income children with craniofacial deformities, dentofacial abnormalities […]

Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center Hosts Fundraising Gala

LA JOLLA–Rae Arnold had never experienced any problems with her heart. But in June 2011, she began having chest pains and underwent emergency triple bypass surgery at a hospital in San Diego. After 12 weeks of rehabilitation, she began experiencing symptoms again and had to go in for another surgery. This one did not go […]

Forecasting The Flu Better

LA JOLLA–(Newswise)–Three UC San Diego researchers say they can predict the spread of flu a week into the future with as much accuracy as Google Flu Trends can display levels of infection right now. The study – appearing in Scientific Reports, an online journal from the publishers of Nature – uses social network analysis and […]