Local Bars And Restaurants Urge Pregnant Women Not To Drink

Coasters like the one above will be distributed with information for women about the dangers of drinking while pregnant or trying to conceive.

LA JOLLA–All things in moderation, the saying goes, but if you are a pregnant woman no amount of alcohol is known to be safe for the developing baby. “When a pregnant woman drinks alcohol so does her baby,” said Kenneth Lyons Jones, MD, chief of the Division of Dysmorphology and Teratology in the Department of […]

Enzyme Controlling Metastasis Of Breast Cancer Identified

LA JOLLA–Researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have identified an enzyme that controls the spread of breast cancer.  The findings, reported in the current issue of PNAS, offer hope for the leading cause of breast cancer mortality worldwide. An estimated 40,000 women in America will die of breast cancer in 2014, […]

New Research Helps Explain Why Elderly Are Prone To Sleep Problems

Toronto, ONTARIO–(Newswise)–As people grow older, they often have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep, and tend to awaken too early in the morning. In individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, this common and troubling symptom of aging tends to be especially pronounced, often leading to nighttime confusion and wandering. Now, a study led by researchers at Beth […]

Losing Weight Lowers Health Care Costs For Adults With Type 2 Diabetes

(Newswise)–Overweight individuals with diabetes who lose weight by dieting and increasing their physical activity can reduce their health care costs by an average of more than $500 per year, according to a new study. “Lifestyle interventions promoting weight loss and physical activity are recommended for overweight and obese people with Type 2 diabetes to improve […]

Home Sweet Home: Does Where You Live Impact Student Success?

Dr. Tracy Alloway, assistant professor of psychology at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, has condcuted a new study that reveals where you live doesn't have to determine school success.

(Newswise)–Where you live doesn’t have to determine your school success, according to a recent study by Dr. Tracy Alloway, assistant professor of psychology at the University of North Florida. Instead, your working memory—your ability to remember and process information—is a much better predictor of learning outcomes. Socioeconomic status has long been linked with school success. […]

Fear, Safety And The Role Of Sleep In Human PTSD

LA JOLLA–The effectiveness of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) treatment may hinge significantly upon sleep quality, report researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and Veterans Affairs San Diego Healthcare System in a paper published in theJournal of Neuroscience. “I think these findings help us understand why sleep disturbances and nightmares are […]

Suicide: Complex And Preventable


SAN DIEGO–The apparent suicide of Robin Williams is dominating local and national news, social media and dining table conversations. Running through all is the persistent question “Why?” In the search for answers, much of the media focus has turned to the fact that the beloved actor and comedian suffered from major depression and addiction. While […]

Don’t Let Head Lice Get The Best Of Your Family This School Year

(Newswire)–Birmingham, AL– The bell is about to ring for the first time for the upcoming school year, meaning maladies, ailments and other health nuisances are coming soon. One of those annoyances comes in the form of head lice — itchy, bothersome, parasitic insects that live solely on the scalp hair of humans and usually on children […]

Gonorrhea And Syphilis Infections Increase In San Diego County

SAN DIEGO–There is good news and not so good news about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in San Diego. After several years of increases, the number of chlamydia cases dropped in 2013. However, gonorrhea and syphilis infections in the region continued to climb, the County Health and Human Services Agency announced today. Last year, the number […]

Study Suggests Disruptive Effects Of Anesthesia On Brain Cell Connections Are Temporary

LA JOLLA–A study of juvenile rat brain cells suggests that the effects of a commonly used anesthetic drug on the connections between brain cells are temporary. The study, published in this week’s issue of the journal PLOS ONE, was conducted by biologists at the University of California, San Diego and Weill Cornell Medical College in […]