Potentially Deadly Heart Condition Plagues Family Members Around Same Age

CHICAGO–(Newswise)–People with a family member who had an aortic dissection—a spontaneous tear in one of the body’s main arteries—should take note of the age that family member was when the aortic dissection occurred. According to a new study published online today in The Annals of Thoracic Surgery, aortic dissections have the potential to run in […]

Calorie-Burning ‘Good’ Fat Can Be Protected, Says Study

(Newswise)–UC San Francisco researchers studying beige fat — a calorie-burning tissue that can help to ward off obesity and diabetes — have discovered a new strategy to cultivate this beneficial blubber. Beige fat cells have the ability to switch back and forth between an energy-hoarding “white” state and an energy-burning “brown” state, the new research […]

Is A Messed-Up Microbiome Link To Obesity?

Newswise — ANN ARBOR, Mich. — For people with weight problems, news headlines in recent years may have brought relief, as researchers studying the microscopic creatures inside our bodies reported possible links between obesity and an out-of-whack balance of microbes. But a new study, done by pooling data from most of those studies, throws cold […]

Palomar Health Joins The American Joint Replacement Registry

ESCONDIDO–Palomar Health, one of the preeminent joint replacement centers in the nation, has joined the American Joint Replacement Registry (AJRR) which enhances their mission to provide the best possible patient experience in orthopedic care. Nearly one-in-four total of all joint replacement surgeries in San Diego County are performed at Palomar Medical Center and Pomerado Hospital and […]

Symposium Brings National Speakers To Shed Light On Obesity Epidemic

SAN DIEGO–One would think a place like San Diego would have fit and active children, but the truth is 33.5% of children living in San Diego County are overweight and obese. Community Health Improvement Partners (CHIP) is a San Diego based non-profit organization fighting obesity. Since 1995, CHIP has become an established leader in innovative, […]

Volunteers Needed For AIDS Walk San Diego

SAN DIEGO–AIDS Walk San Diego is seeking volunteers to assist with organizing the 27th annual 5K walk and a 5K run slated September 24. “Simply put, volunteers make AIDS Walk and Run possible — and they make it fun,” said Sarah Merk-Benitez, volunteer coordinator for The San Diego LGBT Community Center, which produces AIDS Walk […]

Insomnia? Oversleeping? Both May Increase Your Risk Of Stroke

MINNEAPOLIS–(Newswise)–There is growing evidence that sleep disorders like insomnia and sleep apnea are related to stroke risk and recovery from stroke, according to a recent literature review. The review is published in the August 3 online issue of Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. Based on the review, the authors recommend […]

Researchers ‘Solve’ Key Zika Virus Protein Structure

Ann Arbor, MI–(Newswise)–Researchers have revealed the molecular structure of a protein produced by the Zika virus that is thought to be involved in the virus’s reproduction and its interaction with a host’s immune system. The results provide scientists around the globe with new information about the NS1 protein’s role in Zika virus infections, and expands […]

New Surface Coatings For Food Facilities Hold Promise For Food Safety

CHICAGO–(Newswise)–One of the keys to preventing food-borne illness and food waste is making sure that the surfaces at production facilities remain free of contamination between scheduled cleanings. So researchers are investigating special new coatings that are more resistant to bacteria and other microbes than the food contact surfaces that are used now, according to a […]

27th Annual AIDS Walk And Run Set For September

SAN DIEGO–The San Diego LGBT Community Center’s largest fundraiser, the 27th annual AIDS Walk/Run San Diego, will take place Sept. 24 in San Diego. The 5K Walk and 5K Run route will start and end at Normal and Harvey Milk streets, in the heart of Hillcrest. Each year, AIDS Walk/Run raises funds for local HIV/AIDS […]