When Voting Rights Go Right

By Alex Padilla If there’s one thing that every American should agree with, it’s this: Voting is the fundamental right in our democracy, the one that makes all others possible. The right to choose our representatives is why patriots dumped tea into Boston Harbor, why women marched for the 19th Amendment, and why 51 years […]

County Goal: Getting To Zero For HIV/AIDS

By Dave Roberts Did you know that nearly 20,000 residents of our county are living with HIV/AIDS and that more than one in 10 of them don’t even know they are infected? Also troubling are reports from public health officials that 6,400 county residents are aware of their diagnosis but aren’t getting the care they […]

Imagine In My Life

On October 9, John Lennon, one of the greatest musicians and peace activists of the 20th century, would have been 75. Lennon was a complicated person based on his troubled relationship with his first family, his views of the disabled, and his reported drug use. John Lennon was no saint, but his music, I believe, had and continues […]

How Love Shows Up Is Different For Men

Self-love for men is to open themselves, and to give love from themselves to others. Men have to be willing to open themselves to be vulnerable and give love, with the possibility of not getting love or loved in return. Men have to allow themselves to take the focus off themselves and place it on the […]

Supervisors Approve $1.6 Million For Psychiatric Teams

By Dave Roberts With its approval of a $5.4 billion budget for 2015-16, the Board of Supervisors redoubled its fight against mental illness by authorizing an additional $1.6 million to help people in the midst of crisis. The funding puts trained professionals on the streets, apartment buildings, parks – or anywhere else that a mental […]

How To Grow Love Inside You To Be In A Relationship

We create what we most desire and what we most fear. Often times we get watered down results because part of us wants something, but another part of us is afraid to get it. This is called “approach avoidance”. Sometimes this happens in the game of finding and creating a love relationship. This is a […]

How to Create and Sustain a Healthy Relationship

We each have our own model of the world. Everybody wants something. To gain a deeper level of rapport enter the other person’s world, and view their experience from their perspective. One of the keys to connecting is to enter the other person’s world. The second key to connecting with another person is to listen […]

How to Find a Relationship That Is Right for You

If you are not in the relationship of your choice it may be that you have unresolved issues related to the following concerns. Write down your answer to the following questions. What is your relationship like with men/women? Are you just barely on speaking terms or are you best friends with him/her? Many people have […]

What Is The Communication Conflict, Between Men and Women?

Saying exactly what you are thinking and feeling all the time is not a leading trait that makes for a great communicator; or even a good one. Being in touch with your feelings is good. But throwing them out when they come to you, to not “filter” them and putting no conscious thought behind how […]

May Is Bike To Work month

By Dave Roberts May is Bike to Work Month and on Thursday I joined local officials at the County Administration Center to promote regional biking initiatives and encourage commuting on two wheels. That was after finishing my own 25-mile ride — from my home in Solana Beach to the county building — earlier that morning. […]