My Helicopter Was Never Hit By A Rocket Propelled Grenade


By Jerry A Shelby Jr. My Helicopter was never hit by a Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) ! I can’t put a number on how many times I flew in a Marine helicopter in Vietnam. I do know this, many times the helicopter was shot at by the Vietcong while I was in it. There were about […]

Latino Organization Responds To President Obama’s 2014 State Of The Union Address

We applaud the President for outlining his legislative plan for ensuring everyone has the ‘opportunity to succeed’ in this country if you ‘work hard and take responsibility’.  Following the Great Recession, the Latino community has found it increasingly difficult to make ends meet–experiencing higher rates of unemployment, foreclosure, and loss of household wealth.  By implementing […]

Supporting Our Homeless Veteran Population

By Alfonso Esquer Our United States (U.S.) Veterans are those men and women who have served in our Nations Armed Forces, volunteering their service, and sacrificing priceless moments spent with their families, to take upon themselves the responsibilities of guarding the countries freedoms. For the last decade and beyond the military has been fighting battles […]

Comments On The Passing Of Nelson Mandela


Our opinion page is open for those who wish to talk about the work of Nelson Mandela. House Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (MD) Throughout his life, Nelson Rolihlahla  Mandela met the purveyors of injustice, intolerance, and racism with an unyielding determination to forge a better and fairer future for his beloved nation.  From joining […]

Don’t Cut SNAP-Ed Funding

Dr. Glenna McCollum

By Dr. Glenna McCollum (Newswise) –Hunger and obesity. Two of the most common, most debilitating and most solvable health issues our country faces. There should be no politics to these issues. There should be no one ideology that triumphs over the other. However, as the House just passed a bill that would cut $40 billion to […]

House Party Crackdowns Curb Teen Drinking

By Aaron Byzak Hollywood portrays house parties as the quintessential teenage rites of passage where the party-busting cops are the bad guys. In real life, the cops enforcing social host laws are the good guys. By cracking down on teen parties and underage drinking, they avoid the more tragic ending to the teen party movie. Social host violators […]

Lending A Hand To Rim Fire Response

By Supervisor Dave Roberts To look, to learn and to help out however I could. That’s why I drove to Tuolumne County last weekend. My visit was brief – two days and one night – but long enough to gain a strong understanding of the enormous response to one of the largest wildfires in California […]

Modern-day Slavery In Your Neighborhood

By Kelly De Cervantes-Monteith One hundred and fifty years ago, the bloodiest and costliest war was fought on American soil. It claimed 600,000 lives. In present day United States of America, a new war needs to be waged against another form of slavery: human trafficking. Next to illegal arms trafficking, human trafficking is the world’s second […]

Crossing The Six-Month Mark

By Supervisor Dave Roberts Earlier this month, I completed my first six months in office and during that half-year, I have made strong progress in advancing reforms for mental health services, adoptions of foster children and renewable energy. I also voted in June to adopt a balanced budget which maintains strong reserves. My colleagues and […]

Oceanside’s OFA Gun Safety Fight Far From Over

OFA members protesting at Congressman Darryl Issa' Vista office last April.

By Judi Cochran OCEANSIDE–OFA (Organization for Action) is a non-profit grass-roots group organized after President Obama’s victorious election in 2012 to promote his second term agenda, part of which includes gun control, immigration reform and climate control. OFA is totally volunteer. The organization began grass-roots fundraising in February and by the end of the quarter […]