Lions, Tigers And Bears Sanctuary To Host Annual Fundraiser

SAN DIEGO–Lions, Tigers and Bears, a non-profit exotic animal sanctuary in Alpine, will invite guests to don their khakis and pith helmets, grab their binoculars and get ready for a few surprises at the sanctuary’s annual Wild in the Country fundraiser May 9. The 3:00 to 6:30 p.m., family friendly event’s theme is “Passport to the Jungle” […]

Watch Your Pets! Rattlesnake Season Is Here

Baby rattlesnake

ENCINITAS–As San Diegans are beginning to see rattlesnakes on hiking trails and in their yards, the Rancho Coastal Humane Society is reminding dog owners to keep their pets and themselves safe by following a few guidelines. “Dogs smell rattlesnakes before they see them,” says Rancho Coastal Humane Society  spokesman John Van Zante. “Even though most […]

A Silver Lining For A Special Horse


VALLEY CENTER–On August 23, 2014, County of San Diego Department of Animal Services seized 31 horses from a property in Valley Center. At the time of the rescue, the horses were several hundred pounds underweight and many were long overdue for hoof care. After weeks of care, the horses regained weight and recovered to the […]

2,000 Kittens To Arrive At San Diego Humane Society


SAN DIEGO–The San Diego Humane Society is expecting more than 2,000 orphaned kittens at its facility Saturday. In anticipation of the springtime start of kitten season, the Humane Society is hosting a kitten shower from 11a.m. to 3 p.m., March 21 at Humane Society’s San Diego Campus, This event is free to the public, but […]

Stray Puppy Swallows Corn Dog Stick

Stray puppy recovers at a veterinary hospital in San Diego.

 SAN DIEGO–A stray dog Labrador mix is recovering from surgery after eating a corn dog stick, County Animal Services said Friday. Children in the College Area a stray puppy eating the stick on March 8. Their dad saw that the puppy appeared to be sick and he called in County Animal Services. An Animal […]

Pet Of The Week: Leo


ENCINITAS–“Leo” is the pet of the week at the Rancho Coastal Humane Society. He’s a 2 year-old, 11 pound, medium haired, orange tabby. Leo is a very handsome cat with golden eyes and long white whiskers. He has a big, bushy, tail and soft, thick coat. He gets along great with other cats. If you […]

San Diego Humane Society To Host Paws In The Park

SAN DIEGO–The Humane Society will host its Walk for Animals: Paws in the Park event May 9 at NTC Park at Liberty Station in San Diego. The event, a fundraiser for homeless animals, will kick off with a pancake breakfast, followed by a scenic two-mile or half-mile. Vendor and informational booths will be on site. […]

Pet Of The Week: Dixie


ENCINITAS–“Dixie Due” is the pet of the week at Rancho Coastal Humane Society. She’s a 10 year old, 44 pound, Labrador Retriever mix. Dixie is one of the senior dogs at the shelter. Even though she has some gray on her face, she still has the energy and playful personality of a puppy. She gets […]

Author To Discuss Desert Bighorn Sheep


SAN DIEGO–San Diego Natural History Museum will present author Mark Jorgensen who will discuss his five decades of experience studying the desert bighorn sheep, through the beautiful images taken by photographer Jeff Young. Desert bighorn sheep are found in seven western states in the U.S. and six states in northern Mexico. The recent publication of […]

Tiger Finds New Home At Animal Sanctuary

Phevos the tiger

SAN DIEGO—Lions, Tigers and Bears, an exotic animal sanctuary located in east county, will get a new addition to the family-Phevos the tiger. He is scheduled to arrive at San Diego International Airport on Thursday evening. The tiger was captive bred and seized from an Italian touring circus group in 2002, along with six other […]